Ny partner Vapsint

Ny partner Vapsint

Admotion har under 2022 etablerat ett samarbete med gasfjädertillverkaren Vapsint.
Vapsint har ett komplett sortiment av tryckande, dragande, blockerande samt rostfria gasfjädrar och blir ett naturlig komplement i Admotions sortiment

Leader for 50 years in the production of gas springsdampers and decelerators.

Vapsint started off in the sixties, as VAP Veneta Ammortizzatori, a workshop specialized in the production of regenerated dampers for motorvehicles and the marketing of spare parts for the car industry. In the seventies it began producing the first gas springs for motorvehicles. In the eighties the production became industrialized, as gas springs met with increasing use and interest in many market areas: engineering, food, furniture, marine…
The Company has developed over the years new products that, in addition to gas springs and their numerous versions, deal in different ways with the movement and weight of objects: adjustable decelerators, hydraulic dampers, as well as dampers for industrial applications.

A reference point for furniture, automotive, marine, pharmaceutical and food industries.

The technical knowledge of materials, the constant research and experimentation, the attention to clients and their needs, and the variety of customized solutions make Vapsint a point of reference for many companies. The close collaboration with clients in the design and planning of new applications allows Vapsint to provide the best solution for every specific requirement. CAD drafting technologies and three dimensional simulation models lead to a better understanding of product application.

Experience, technology, certifications.

Vapsint developed and certified a quality system complying with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard. Product quality and client satisfaction are a prime point in the Company’s mission.